martes, 12 de marzo de 2013

Style Alert: Louis Verdad

//Dress& Heels: Zara //Blazer: Weekday //Belt: Paola Perez //Necklaces: Chihuahuan handcraft //Bag: Chanel

Do you remember the buzz-causing kiss Madonna and Britney did at MTV Awards some years ago?
Remember how kissy-kiss missy Ciccone was wearing that slytty sensual tight-as-ever black cashmere two-piece then?

Yeah, me neither would have known that ten years later I would go nuts for the pieces of the creator of that shameless outfit.

His name is Louis Verdad, of Mexican descent, currently working from L.A doing absolutely fabulous designs for the rich and famous. 

When Louis marched his first models as the closure of last weeks Google+ Fashion Mexico show, my jaw just dropped. For some (ehm, Madonna-related...) reason I was expecting a handful of untasteful quiero ir al antro -disco dresses in mini length. 

But, it was nothing alike!

All the FW 2013/2014 pieces selected for the runway were chic and sophisticated, complimenting female body the most feminine way. It was truly beautiful work with colors, cuts and materials. I mean, it never would have occurred to me to combine burgundy pants, smokey grey top ...and striking electric blue in heels, socks or gloves!

 I can honestly say I'd wear with the greatest joy every single piece seen last Thursday on the runway, and hope to be able to try on some ASAP.

Check out the whole show here.

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