jueves, 7 de marzo de 2013

A Fashionable Start: IDM FW 13/14

 In traditional fashion megapolis like London, NY, Paris and Milan the so called fashion months are just over, but here in Mexiland it's all just getting started. 

 How exciting! 

 One of the fashionable starters is International Designers Mexico, IDM, with their three-day FW 13/14 event. Last night Yours Truly also stopped by to feel the vibe. 

 This year's IDM was a nice warm-up for these stylish times. Maybe a little uneven mix of designers put together and somewhat latino-like (un-)organization, as per my humble opinion, but surely worth the visit! 

Above a little peek-a-boo to my favourite pieces from Helguera, La Vill, Jonathan Morales and Stres.

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