domingo, 24 de marzo de 2013

Point Black

//Jeans: J Brand //Tee: Zara //Belt: Vintage Moschino //Heels: Tod's //Clutch: Angel Jackson

This weekend was amazing 'cos one of my best girlfriends from Finland flew here to visit! On Thursday we popped in a fashion cocktail and had a late dinner home catching up the latest gossip from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Probably that was also the reason why we spent Friday just couch-slouching and watching slapstick movies...

Saturday we took our lazy asses for much needed pampering, beauty treatments and mani&pedis. Oh, there was some shopping too, just before leaving for one of our friend's surprise birthday party! I found few of the long sought-after things listed on my very carefully chosen and minimalistic Fashion Bucket List.One of them something I have been dreaming about like ten years. You'll see later!

About the outfit. If I'm honest, this Saturday night's outfit was 100% put together around the shoes.  I'm loving everything with pointed toe these days. Or sling-backs. Preferably those two together, like these beauties from Tod's...
They are not the bling-bling party platforms that catch your eye when getting crazy at the shoe department. But boy, do these babies bring out every inch of chic from any outfit! I have a feeling that my rounder-toe heels might end up a little forgotten for a while...

And did you notice the clutch! Yes, it's the Angel Jackson Black and White Snakeskin Continental Clutch I was talking about the other day. Have not been able to take my eyes off her since her arrival on Thursday.  Ay amor!

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