jueves, 28 de marzo de 2013


1. My spring must have shoes are pointed toe sling backs. Maybe in lighter/brighter color as I already have few blacks. 
2. They would totally make a perfect pair with my new 3/4 cropped leather pants that I'm having made. Can't wait to get them from my tailor!
3. I love this oriental brocade bomber Elin Kling is sporting. Doesn't it look just dreamy with her ripped jeans?
4. This red jacket dress is reinspiration from Hanneli's blog. Her version isn't bad either... Lately I've been eying simple and sleek combos with belts. And everything red. Fire-burning, fierce red!

Happy Eastern!
An evil Easter bunny brought me a basket full of sickness instead of chocolate eggs. Damn you bunnies! On the other hand I've had now plenty of lazy time in my hands between sneezing, ah-ah-achooing and napping. So, I've been a lot online looking for inspiration, both for the few new additions in my closet and for our home (we have a major decoration project ahead). This is also first post I've done using my phone: pics, editing, all. Call me geek!

Fixed small inspiration collage for you for today - there is no way you want me to step in front of the camera in my pajamas and old I heart NY -tee....

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