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Castillo de Chapultepec

Last Sunday we spent the day in Mexico City's "central park", Parque de Chapultepec. This huge green oasis right in middle of one of the world's busiest metropolis is something words cannot describe. For me it is a combination of exotic garden, jungle, lakeside and some deeper woods. And, there is a castle hidden, too!

I won't bore you with history of Mexico, but let me just say that this castle, El Castillo de Chapultepec, was built in 1863 and it has served as Military Academy, King's Residence (oh yes, there was a speed-made kingdom of Mexico for some three years in the beginning of 1900's, the King himself was imported from Austria and all), Presidential home, observatory and presently, as the National Museum of History (Museo Nacional de Historia). It is a spectacular place and I felt a little ashamed that I had never been there before...


It was a lovely day, sun shining hot and heavy but air still clear. We climbed first up to the hill to the castle and then let our stylish friend/history freak Gio loose! He took three hours guiding us through Mexican history, this time from Spanish conquistadors to modern day society, spiced up with interesting pieces of art and fashion history!

Right hand side you can admire the (poor) young Queen of Mexico, Empress Carlota. Man, she was a stylish woman! Sadly, Carlota went a little crazy and died in Europe after been rejected by the Pope and some other big shots when asking their support during the dangerous times. But the glass paintings in her home are still amazing, and I wish I could go to lunch with her in this gorgeous dining room. Pass the salt dear!

As per the outfit of that day, I was wearing pale rose colored high waist shorts and a shirt, topped with wedge espadrilles and huge sunglasses. I needed to pair such a hot pants with a little looser top, so the simple white number from Zara came in handy, again.

I loved the castle's many terraces and balconies. The view changes from where you look, but is every time breathtaking!

Interesting little detail was the collector's pieces of the epoch's wardrobe! It never stops surprising me how tiny people were hundred years ago. Thank God these torture-tight corsets have not made comeback since then! I mean, how on earth did women breath?

No way my waist ever could fit in the beautiful lace dress, but I really wouldn't mind if men's couture took some inspiration from these amazing tail suit jackets. Just take a look at the sleeve frills, hand-made buttons and the ultra chic fabrics!

//Shorts&Top: Zara //Espadrilles: Macarena Gutierrez //Bag: Bolivian artesania //Sunnies: Céline

I love that even in a very non-fashion related activities I have the pleasure to admire my beautiful friends for their outfit choices du jour. Here below some handsome boys wearing waistcoats, strong patterns, granny caps and amazing color combinations. How stylish!

My hippie handbag is from La Paz, Bolivia, very useful for turista days for it's saggy model, cross body strap and possibility to close it with a zipper.

The most beautiful part of the castle, in my humble opinion, is the roof garden. I mean, WOW! I could so see a very private catwalk event with some cocktails happening here...

You notice anything familiar in the entrance pictured above far right?
Well, all of you who have seen Baz Luhrman's movie Romeo+Juliet actually have seen Claire Danes and Leonardo Di Caprio entering here to a costume party! The Chapultepec castle was used for some scenes for the hit film, and I totally understand why.

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