miércoles, 3 de abril de 2013

Office Outfit

//Pants: Mango //Top: H&M //Heels: Tod's //Bag: Balenciaga //Bracelet: Leylah NYC //Sunnies: Céline

Today I took my burgundy Mango pants out to boost up a boring working day outfit. I like a lot their ankle lenght - even had my new leather pants made exactly same style and lenght!

A funny thing happened today: I was checking my papers and when flipping through my passport noticed that I had totally forgot to renew it. Crap! I need to soon hop on a plane again, so there was a slight panic as I rushed to the Embassy to get a new one.

Man, five years ago I promised to take a little effort next time I was going to have my passport picture taken. Current one is just tragic, no joke. It's been more than one or two times that I have had a migration officer laughing to it... 

Now I'd be happy to take that picture for another go. A kind advice to you all: sleep well and take the time to wash your hair before have your pic taken. I certainly didn't...

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