martes, 9 de abril de 2013

Cocktail de la Moda

Some weeks ago we went with my best girl H to a fashionable cocktail event, Cocktail de la Moda. The event was originally set up to honor the work of ten Mexican designers and local movie stars.

We were thrilled!

Unfortunately the fashion part was not very much present, apparently due cancellation by the designers.

The women's only collection for spring-summer 2013 actually came from Spain, an interesting house called Niza. The brand presented colorful, printed A-line shirt dresses with lovely ethnic influence. Me and H liked a lot their prints and the summer-y vibe of the dresses. Very Scandinavian style, so to say.
Though a fine catwalk, we were disappointed not to see any of the Mexican designers at the event.

There was nice effort done in venue, invitations and red carpet, but not too much in styling, clothes changes or models. Such a pity, but we figured that this event was probably more dedicated to the Tv/Movie gala part. Mexican movie fans can check some of the honorary prizes here.

// Sama suomeksi
 Ei mennyt ihan niinkuin Strömsössä pari viikkoa sitten paikallisessa muotihäppeningissä!
Meksikon Vuoden Muotikokkarit 2013 olisi saattanut olla hiukan huikeampi elämys, jos mainostetut muotisuunnittelijat olisi saatu paikalle. Väliajan showsta en uskalla laittaa kuvia, te herkät suomalaiset saattaisitte saada slaagin kiristettyihin, värikkäisiin munakukkarohousuihin sonnustautuneista yli-ikäisistä lehmipoikabändiläisistä. 
Asuna vintage Moschino Couture mekko ja YSL Tributet.

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