lunes, 29 de abril de 2013

Flower Therapy

Today I took the dogster out early early in the morning. As almost every Monday and Friday the past years, we passed by Don Guillermo's small street corner booth to get fresh flowers.

I have a great confidence with Don Guillermo: He can totally read my mood (stressed? pissed off? happy?) and loads me with the most suitable combo of greens according to.

That is what I call Flower Therapy!

//Sama suomeksi
Miljoona, miljoona miljoona ruusua! Ja parit pionit, paratiisin linnut, auringonkukat ja mitä näitä nyt on... Don Guillermon kadunkulman kukkakioskilta haetaan meidän huusholliin aina maanantaisin ja perjantaisin tuoreet kukat. Rakkautta!

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