sábado, 13 de abril de 2013

A Casual Friday

//Jeans: Pieces //Top: Zara //Blazer: tailored //Heels: Stuart Weitzman

I'm a firm believer of the art of tailoring. I know I probably have taken it to the extreme, but I usually take all the high street pieces to my seamstress too. Let alone the formal work wardrobe!

It's not that you can't find totally fine work clothing at the stores, it's just that there is no going back once you have been spoiled to have your clothes fit perfectly.

I travel a lot for work and hate both packing and carrying check-in luggage.
So, I've made it extremely easy: my work wardrobe is very carefully chosen and very small. When packing (usually 10 minutes before the airport cab arrives), I know, without thinking, that the pieces I throw to the suitcase all go nicely together and carry me through the trip.

Here Yours Truly enjoying casual Friday in old and faithful (and cheap!) high waist jeans and simple black blazer. Both pura magia of tailoring.

//Sama suomeksi
Casual Friday:n kunniaksi änkeydyin tänään viisi vuotta vanhoihin, Helsingistä joskus juosten kus...shopattuihin korkeavyötäröisiin farkkuihin, perustoppiin ja räätälillä duunattuun bleiseriin. Onni on asua leveysasteilla, jossa räätälin ammatti on yhä arvossaan ja kelpo hinnoissa!

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