jueves, 27 de septiembre de 2012

Something White

//Dress: Korety //Pantyhose: Falke //Ankle Boots: Zara

One day last December it was cold as hell, dark as hell and as ugly outside as only in December it can get. 
At 7PM as I was finally getting out of the office, it was half raining outside, an ugly head ache was creeping in, and my stomach was starting to make embarrassing noise because of the hunger. All I wanted to do was to get home and eat take away pad thai out of cartoon box. And get rid of the day's absolutely hideous clothes, hence the laundry day -uniform...

 That's when it hit me.

I had promised to show my face at an art exhibition opening in half an hour! 
It was supposed to be my friend's big night, invitees were la crème de la crème of the town's artsy and hip.
So, I did what every gal would do: hit the nearest shop and bought the first decent looking thing before jumping into a taxi.
The night was a success (probably thanks to the sponsor, a wine company) and the dress was OK.
Just that at home I happened to study a little closer it's neck slip. It read in a very nice handwriting:
"Maternity Dress - Beautiful Expecting"

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