sábado, 8 de septiembre de 2012

LHD (Little Hippie Dress)

// Dress: Anahata Crew // Heels: Camilla Skovgaard // Sunnies: some surf booth in Puerto Escondido

My friend has an amazing shop here in Mexico.
Stop by Anahata Crew  if you happen to pass by an extremely beautiful little hippie village called Tepoztlan. I promise you won't leave there empty handed!
My white dress is one of Anahata's carefully hand-picked pieces from India.
 I love love looooove it's fabric, so soft yet still left a little raw on purpose. Like linen but raunchier! Definitely not a souvenir-booth-almost-authentic-traditional-Indian-but- 
-made-in -China-3 x 2! -shit one often purchases when traveling thereabouts.
I love to combine this hippie chic thing with my dearest Saw Pumps, they give the outfit a little kick in the ass!

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