domingo, 16 de septiembre de 2012

Diseño Tico

Is there anything more inspiring than talented, ambitious people aiming high in art and fashion?

I came to the conclusion that there most certainly isn't, after chatting with Daniela Terán, fashion designer and one of the owners of Costa Rican design house Deaquí y Deallá. I sort of stumbled upon Daniela and her amazing place through FID, Festival Internacional de Diseño Costa Rica, as Deaqui and Deallá is having their FID inspired month. 

Deaqui y Deallá is a combination of fashion boutique, showroom and exhibition space for innovative design. Present are local and international designers that create original and unique pieces. 
Meaning clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry, art, furniture, decoration, books...

Though local diseño tico is very much on display, the store currently offers more than 48 works of designers from 18 different countries. Among them, to my surprise, one of the coolest Finnish brands, KaksiTvå. Man, the world is small nowadays...

Says Daniela: "
Apart from being just a design shop and space for exhibitions, D&D is a platform for emerging young designers. It is hard to make yourself known alone. Bringing talents together is much more powerful! For example, we choose every month one designer that we introduce to the press and to our customers, and who'll be focused on the display of the space."

Deaqui y Deallá
Los Yoses, San José, Costa Rica
Petunia by Daniela Terán

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