martes, 11 de septiembre de 2012

Marimekko RTW 2013

Today I am very proud to be a Finn.
Finnish fashion house Marimekko had it's debut at New York Fashion Week yesterday, and it was a success!
I'm so excited to see my beloved brand paisano taking a step towards something new .
I have to admit I kinda abandoned Marimekko during the past years. For me, they were stuck with riding on the few famous 60's prints and forgot to move on style-wise for a very long time.
Monday's show was a true sign of a course correction!
Gone were (well, almost) the bore-me-to-death saggy hipster bags ehm, dresses, the traditional prints had been given a beautiful, artsy facelift and evening gowns had sculptural cuts that together with the silk fabric made them look like pieces of fine art.
And oh boy, those applauds when 81-years-old model Carmen Dell'Orefice appeared, barefoot and jumping like a pony in the first spring day!

Click here to see videos of the show:
Marimekko RTW 2013 Catwalk 

Videos: Vidcat, Helsingin Sanomat-Reuters
Photos: Dario Canatatore, Mark von Holden (Getty), Robert Mitra (WWD)

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