viernes, 12 de octubre de 2012

Little Wings

 //Jeans: Pieces //T-Shirt: The Hanger //Scarf: Alexander McQueen //Heels: Emilio Pucci

I don't know if there is any of you like me out there, finding it extremely challenging to find perfectly fitting, comfy yet still chic t-shirts?

I've been through them all, I swear, but have not yet found the ultimate finer one. (For casual ones, go James Perse and Vince). This little black wings-y thing is quite close though. Its black, it's not see-through, it's made of silk and lace. And it has a little twist on the sleeves.

Just that it is so well fitted for my body that it takes extra 20 minutes to get off without having my man to help me.

Damn viking's shoulders!

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