domingo, 14 de octubre de 2012

For Old Time's Sake

//Corset: vintage //Pants: BCBG MAXAZRIA //Heels: Zara //Bag: Chanel

Call me nerd, but I  L O V E  history. Reading, watching, breathing it.
Black and white movies, biographies from ancient Chinese emperors, 1800's  politics, Russian revolution. That's me.
My love for old times goes to fashion, too.
I have found it a bit difficult to find good vintage stores in Mexico, as in Europe you can spot one almost at every corner.  It's like please Sir, that piece of unwashed polyester crap from H&M you're asking 600 pesos for is not vintage.
But as they say, keep looking and you'll get there. Think I've now found my hot spot. Or what do you say about my gorgeous pre loved designer piece corset? Sure, it was about 3 times my size when I found it, but after a visit to the tailor's, she is just perfect.

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