sábado, 27 de octubre de 2012

Copycat from the Past

//Maxi skirt: vintage //Blouse: Zara //Ankle boots: Zara

It was early 1990's, when our gray-haired primary teacher broke her hip and had to stay in hospital for a month.The next day the whole school was fidgeting of excitement to see the new substitute teacher. Rumor was that it would be the bald, sweating vice principal who was openly called "Mr. Pig" (even by his dear wife).

Maybe that's why we, the most loud, hyper active and nerve-wrecking bunch of school kids were left totally stunned when class room door opened that morning. In came sweating Mr. Pig with this totally gorgeous, puffy-haired, legs-up-to-the-sky creature of a woman in hip-hugging, ankle-long black leather skirt that made a squeaking sound as she trotted towards the podium.

Exactly 20 years later and I'm wearing her outfit.

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