domingo, 31 de marzo de 2013

Easter Chick

//Top: Zara //Jeans: 7 for All Mankind //Heels: Camilla Skovgaard

Today I felt like I needed something yellow, for Easter if for nothing else.
Looking now at these pictures, I'm thinking that I'll be wearing more and more bootcut jeans in the future. Skinny fits are totally chic and OK, but a restless mind like mine needs a change.
Yee-haa, I'm ready!

viernes, 29 de marzo de 2013

Out of the Cave

//Shorts: XOXO //T-Shirt: James Perse //Sneakers: New Balance

I came out from my cave today after 4 days sick in bed. What finally tricked me out was that I just couldn't wait any longer to give a test trot to my new shoes... Shoes work better than antibiotics, apparently.

Please forgive me for looking like, well, something that just crawled out from the dark. But I have been overly happy to be out of the bed! My man probably doesn't get me today anymore: have been laughing to idiotic jokes (loud and by myself, of course). An example: my tee shirt is from James Perse. Or James the Ass as his name means in Finnish.


Ok, I'll go back to sleep now.

jueves, 28 de marzo de 2013


1. My spring must have shoes are pointed toe sling backs. Maybe in lighter/brighter color as I already have few blacks. 
2. They would totally make a perfect pair with my new 3/4 cropped leather pants that I'm having made. Can't wait to get them from my tailor!
3. I love this oriental brocade bomber Elin Kling is sporting. Doesn't it look just dreamy with her ripped jeans?
4. This red jacket dress is reinspiration from Hanneli's blog. Her version isn't bad either... Lately I've been eying simple and sleek combos with belts. And everything red. Fire-burning, fierce red!

Happy Eastern!
An evil Easter bunny brought me a basket full of sickness instead of chocolate eggs. Damn you bunnies! On the other hand I've had now plenty of lazy time in my hands between sneezing, ah-ah-achooing and napping. So, I've been a lot online looking for inspiration, both for the few new additions in my closet and for our home (we have a major decoration project ahead). This is also first post I've done using my phone: pics, editing, all. Call me geek!

Fixed small inspiration collage for you for today - there is no way you want me to step in front of the camera in my pajamas and old I heart NY -tee....

photo credits:

miércoles, 27 de marzo de 2013

Sneaky Street

//Sneakers: New Balance

Something really weird has happened. I've grown out of Converse. And Toms and all the bazillion copies of them, for that matter. I've also decided to leave the Isabel Marant inspired wedge sneakers alone. No thankie, they make me look like I have hoofs (and not in a chic Givenchy way).

Instead, say hi to my new street smart running shoes! They are so pretty, I'm sure they will be seen more off than on the sport tracks...

martes, 26 de marzo de 2013

Castillo de Chapultepec

Last Sunday we spent the day in Mexico City's "central park", Parque de Chapultepec. This huge green oasis right in middle of one of the world's busiest metropolis is something words cannot describe. For me it is a combination of exotic garden, jungle, lakeside and some deeper woods. And, there is a castle hidden, too!

I won't bore you with history of Mexico, but let me just say that this castle, El Castillo de Chapultepec, was built in 1863 and it has served as Military Academy, King's Residence (oh yes, there was a speed-made kingdom of Mexico for some three years in the beginning of 1900's, the King himself was imported from Austria and all), Presidential home, observatory and presently, as the National Museum of History (Museo Nacional de Historia). It is a spectacular place and I felt a little ashamed that I had never been there before...


It was a lovely day, sun shining hot and heavy but air still clear. We climbed first up to the hill to the castle and then let our stylish friend/history freak Gio loose! He took three hours guiding us through Mexican history, this time from Spanish conquistadors to modern day society, spiced up with interesting pieces of art and fashion history!

Right hand side you can admire the (poor) young Queen of Mexico, Empress Carlota. Man, she was a stylish woman! Sadly, Carlota went a little crazy and died in Europe after been rejected by the Pope and some other big shots when asking their support during the dangerous times. But the glass paintings in her home are still amazing, and I wish I could go to lunch with her in this gorgeous dining room. Pass the salt dear!

As per the outfit of that day, I was wearing pale rose colored high waist shorts and a shirt, topped with wedge espadrilles and huge sunglasses. I needed to pair such a hot pants with a little looser top, so the simple white number from Zara came in handy, again.

I loved the castle's many terraces and balconies. The view changes from where you look, but is every time breathtaking!

Interesting little detail was the collector's pieces of the epoch's wardrobe! It never stops surprising me how tiny people were hundred years ago. Thank God these torture-tight corsets have not made comeback since then! I mean, how on earth did women breath?

No way my waist ever could fit in the beautiful lace dress, but I really wouldn't mind if men's couture took some inspiration from these amazing tail suit jackets. Just take a look at the sleeve frills, hand-made buttons and the ultra chic fabrics!

//Shorts&Top: Zara //Espadrilles: Macarena Gutierrez //Bag: Bolivian artesania //Sunnies: Céline

I love that even in a very non-fashion related activities I have the pleasure to admire my beautiful friends for their outfit choices du jour. Here below some handsome boys wearing waistcoats, strong patterns, granny caps and amazing color combinations. How stylish!

My hippie handbag is from La Paz, Bolivia, very useful for turista days for it's saggy model, cross body strap and possibility to close it with a zipper.

The most beautiful part of the castle, in my humble opinion, is the roof garden. I mean, WOW! I could so see a very private catwalk event with some cocktails happening here...

You notice anything familiar in the entrance pictured above far right?
Well, all of you who have seen Baz Luhrman's movie Romeo+Juliet actually have seen Claire Danes and Leonardo Di Caprio entering here to a costume party! The Chapultepec castle was used for some scenes for the hit film, and I totally understand why.

First picture credits here

domingo, 24 de marzo de 2013

Point Black

//Jeans: J Brand //Tee: Zara //Belt: Vintage Moschino //Heels: Tod's //Clutch: Angel Jackson

This weekend was amazing 'cos one of my best girlfriends from Finland flew here to visit! On Thursday we popped in a fashion cocktail and had a late dinner home catching up the latest gossip from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Probably that was also the reason why we spent Friday just couch-slouching and watching slapstick movies...

Saturday we took our lazy asses for much needed pampering, beauty treatments and mani&pedis. Oh, there was some shopping too, just before leaving for one of our friend's surprise birthday party! I found few of the long sought-after things listed on my very carefully chosen and minimalistic Fashion Bucket List.One of them something I have been dreaming about like ten years. You'll see later!

About the outfit. If I'm honest, this Saturday night's outfit was 100% put together around the shoes.  I'm loving everything with pointed toe these days. Or sling-backs. Preferably those two together, like these beauties from Tod's...
They are not the bling-bling party platforms that catch your eye when getting crazy at the shoe department. But boy, do these babies bring out every inch of chic from any outfit! I have a feeling that my rounder-toe heels might end up a little forgotten for a while...

And did you notice the clutch! Yes, it's the Angel Jackson Black and White Snakeskin Continental Clutch I was talking about the other day. Have not been able to take my eyes off her since her arrival on Thursday.  Ay amor!

miércoles, 20 de marzo de 2013


//Blouse: ParPar //Shorts: XOXO //Espadrilles:Macarena Gutierrez //Sunnies: Ray-Ban

After living twenty years in a country that in a good year has some 10 days over +25 degrees (they call it heat then...hah!), I feel truly blessed to be able to enjoy a little more human climate nowadays.
If for nothing else, it is amazing to be able to live in high heels...and espadrilles almost all year round!

If you are looking for the perfect pair of comfy yet stylish wedge espadrilles (or alpargatas), just go look for Macarena Gutierrez

This Spanish brand has a specialty in jute rope soled heel espadrilles, and believe me, you won't find more feminine, comfier or good quality ones elsewhere. 
I literally live in mines during this beautiful spring season!

 I think my pinky-pinks go equally well in a casual L.A. chick -outfit like in this post, as they do with a little more upscale combo, a dress or smart jeans.

martes, 19 de marzo de 2013

Silky Jumpsuit

//Jumpsuit: Ivy //Heels: Chloé

Jumpsuit is the easiest way to dress in summer! Its like an onepiece overall for aldults, yet still sophisticated and chic.

I was looking for the perfect black silk one for ages, after spotting Nicole Richie few years ago sporting one in L.A. when doing some shopping, she was looking very nice!

When I went out for some lunch, I had my black partly leather blazer from Weekdays that you probably have seen around hundred times and a vintage Chanel. 
Totally street-proof!

lunes, 18 de marzo de 2013

A Shirt Misbuttoned

//Pants: Zara //Shirt: RL (borrowed yet again from my man's closet) //Heels: Giuseppe Zanotti //Bag: Miu Miu

My ultimate style muse is the magical Leigh Lezark, originally known from DJ'ing in Misshapes electro trio. Apart from being super talented artist, girlfriend has über cool style and she's been picked as muse by Karl Lagerfeld and Matthew Williamson, just to name a few.

Clearing out my laptop's messy Desktop one day, I found a pic of miss Lezark wearing crispy white men's shirt, misbuttoned. The outfit was so simple, just the shirt over black tight shorts and her signature black mane sleek and straight. Still, it was totally suitable for a hip premier/whatever cool red carpet event, mainly because of the intelligent wrong-buttoned shirt.

I just couldn't help but steal this great shirt trick of her's for a little more casual outfit. Mainly because it was a little too cold for shorts today in Mexico and my man had taken all his white shirts to dry cleaner. Instead, I wore my neon-black jungle pants from Zara and a light pink Ralph Lauren dress shirt borrowed from his closet.

sábado, 16 de marzo de 2013

Same Old, Same Old

//Dress: Missoni f. Lindex //Heels: Capa de Ozono

Had a little problem choosing an outfit on Wednesday.
When one has an interview at 6AM, then three business meetings with elderly gentlemen, a coffee meet up for some fashion stuff and a romantic dinner, all in a row, it gets a bit tricky.

These are the days you see me in knee-length Missoni. 

jueves, 14 de marzo de 2013

Stolen Jeans and a Challenge

Chicísima Elena from Bags Boots & Beyond -blog challenged me to tell a little something about me and my blog through 11 little details of my own, plus her questions.
Kiitos kaunis!

 As this is going to be another post in Finnish - that unbearable dwarf language only spoken by us weirdos in far far away country in the corners of Scandinavia- you others can enjoy my today's look in pictures.
Note the jeans that I stole from my man's closet. Sorry cielo!

I'm a bit of a wardrobe nazi and make my man's old dirty football shirts magically disappear from time to time. Does anyone know why men need three dozens of them? Anyway, these Chevignon jeans can stay forever! I love the deep lilac blue color.
Jatkakaamme siis selvällä suomen kielellä!
Jutun juoni on kertoa 11 asiaa itsestään ja vastata annettuihin 11 kysymykseen.

See how intelligent my dog looks. They might be right saying that dogs look like their owners...
Ensin siis 11 asiaa meikämannesta:

1. Olen asunut vajaat kymmenen vuotta ulkomailla. Meksikoon lähdin "puoleksi vuodeksi", mutta pian kosahtaa viisi vuotta mittariin. Mañana, mañana...
2. En ole siivonnut, silittänyt tai pessyt pyykkiä neljään vuoteen. Eikä hävetä pätkääkään! Meillä aloitti aikoinaan kotiväkivaltaa kohdanneiden naisten työprojektin kautta ihana rouva Estela käymään viikoittain, eikä loppua näy. Hänestä on tullut kuin perheenjäsen.
3. Ilmoittauduin viime viikolla Spartan Race -nimiseen gladiaattorityyppiseen sprinttijuoksukisaan. (Skumpalla oli osuutta päätöksentekoon)
4. Mulla menee yleensä salamana hermot sisustukselliseen epäjärjestykseen, mutta selvisin hengissä asuen yli viikon kolmenkymmenen muuttolaatikon ynnä jätesäkkien keskellä. Muuttopäivän jälkeiselle viikolle osui ihan pirusti duunia, vuoden ensimmäinen muotiviikko ja muuta hässäkkää.
5.Inhosin Suomessa asuessani sydämeni kyllyydestä Iittalan poroja, tervatyynyjä, tuikkurykelmiä ja Muumi-mukeja. Ulkomailla tämä nostalgiaesineistö on salakavalasti hiipinyt elämääni. Eilen huomasin, ettei kahvikuppeja muita olekaan, kuin Muumi- sellaisia. Help!

I love how these BF jeans make me look like tough construction worker! The toughest ones that wear bow-belts and heels, I mean.
6. Käyn kuukausittain suoristuttamassa mun kulmakarvat. Kyllä, luit oikein. Taas yksi "välttämätön" kauneustoimenpide, jonka olen kätevästi apinoinut latinoleideiltä. Toimii!
7. Hengailen paljon ikkunaostoksilla oikeissa kaupoissa.On ihanaa olla apajien äärellä fyysisesti, eikä ihailla juttuja vain netissä. Hyviä puolia on myös suhteiden luominen myyjiin: aleaikaan on ollut suurta iloa siitä, että makuni tunnetaan...
8. Olen lehtifriikki ja uutishaukka. iPadin myötä tosin onneksi kotiin kannettu paperijäte on vähentynyt. Puhuimme mm. stylistiystäväni kanssa Monoclen tilauspalvelun ympäri postittamaan kuriiripostilla (ilman erityismaksua) lehdykän meille tänne Mehikoon, koska paikallisen postilaitoksen kanssa meni elämä ja hermosäikeet tilauksen alkuaikoina. Viimeisin investointini on WWD, jonka virtuaalitilauksen keksin Mikon blogipostauksen kautta.
9. Vuodet ulkomailla ovat kasvattaneet itseluottamustani ja rohkeutta valtavasti. Isossa ja pienessä mittakaavassa. Ei sillä, että olisin ollut varsinaisesti mikään avuton seinäkukkanen koskaan, mutta hurjan paljon epävarmempi siitä mikä mä olen ja mihin pystyn.
10. Olen todella ison osan vuedesta työmatkoilla. Se on palkitsevaa mutta rankkaa.
11. Voi mennä helposti kuukausia, etten puhu yhtään suomea. Paitsi koiralle.

Does my butt look big in this? Yes, and it's supposed to!

Ja sitten Elenan kysymyksiin:

1. Luottomeikkituote ja miksi?
Estee Lauderin Ideal Light -valokynä. Koska mulla on ihan törkeet silmänaluset a i n a.

2. Luottohiustuote ja miksi?
DermOrganicin Intensive Hair Repair Masque. Tämä riisikeratiinia ja arganöljyä sisältävä ihmeaine on ainoa, joka selvittää pöheikköni shampoon jälkeen.

3. Tuotemerkki, jonka laatuun voit aina luottaa?
Jaa-a, onko sellaisia enää olemassa? No sanotaan, että Diane von Furstenberg. Ihan vaan siksi, että jokaikinen riepu, kengät ja laukku mitä mulle on siunaantunut tältä rouvalta on ollut priimakamaa hintaansa nähden. Arvostan, että vaatteet ovat todella monikäyttöisiä ja kestäviä: sama kolttu töihin, kaffille, bileisiin...

4. Lempilaukkusi ja mi(t)kä vielä puuttuu valikoimasta?
Chanel 2.55 Square Flap mediumina. Tykkään hänestä juurikin tuon erikoiskoon takia. Ja sitten.. No, keräilijältähän puuttuu ikuisesti joku, mutta käyn kerran kuussa hivelemässä sinistä Chanelin Boy Bagia. Puuttuu vaan ihan vaan "pari" tonttua jotta saisin sen kotiin. Öögaa saa myös McQueenin Skull Clutch, mutta seuraavaksi meille muuttaa Stellan Falabella foldover.

Something girly on a tomboy day: a cute bow belt.

5. Paras ravintola Suomessa?
Älkää vaan kysykö minulta! Viimeksi Suomessa vein kultani Hesburgeriin (olin kieltäytynyt viime visiiteillä). Rakastan ravintolassakäyntiä, mutta joko mulla on ollut huono mäihä tai olen liian vierotettu eurooppalaisesta fiinistelystä ja viimeiset Suomessa nautitut raflaillalliset ovat olleet vähän valjuja kokemuksia. Tykkään Sea Horsesta ja Troikasta.

6. Ikimuistoisin matkasi ja miksi?
No, yksi matka joka ei ikinä unohdu mielistä oli joskus vuonna 199X, kun meikä ja kuusi mimmikaveria lensi Rhodokselle Beach&Boogie -lomalle. Alaikäisinä. Voitte ehkä kuvitella, että kylmäksi ei jäänyt hotellinpitäjä, baarimikot tai norjalaiset pizzalähetit.

7. Jos luet blogiani, miksi pidät siitä?
Luen blogiasi Elena siksi, että tykkään siitä että kirjoitat Muodista. Isolla ämmällä. Sulla on sopivan normaali ja aikuinen ote aiheeseen, ilman minä-minä-kato-mun-tusinakuteita-ja-massalaukkuja-minä -alleviivausta. Kirjoitat sillä tavalla, että persoonasi tulee läpi silleen sopivasti, tunnen sielunsympatiaa ja voin samaistua sun juttuihin. Tykkään myös, että katselet, inspiroidut ja kirjoitat tyyliasioista nk. "Suomi-boksin" ulkopuolelta. Huomaa, ettet lue ja toista sitä ainaista blogilitaniaa ja niitä jokamiesostoksia.

Heels are Lanvin. They're love.

8. Mikä on paras ja huonoin ominaisuutesi?
Olen rohkea ja avarakatseinen, se on parasta! Mutta myös äkkipikainen ja nopeasti kyllästyvä. Näiden puolien kanssa koetan kovasti harrastaa itsetutkiskelua ja -kasvatusta.
9. Oletko ura- vai perheihminen?
En usko, että täytyy olla sata-nolla kumpaakaan. Mä en ole koskaan, ikinä ollut perheihminen sanan varsinaisessa merkityksessä, todellakaan. Toisaalta mä olen Lattareissa kasvanut uudella tavalla arvostamaan perhettä yhteisönä ja tahtomaan mahdollisesti omankin. Samalla lailla nautin hurjasti mun uran tuomista haasteista ja aion saavuttaa lisää. Kuitenkaan en elä tehdäkseni töitä, vaan teen töitä voidakseni elää mua kiinnostavaa elämää.

10. Mikä SINUSTA tulee isona? 
Alan paras PR-hemmo.

11. Kerro jotain itsestäsi, mitä kukaan ei vielä tiedä?
Viime aikoina olen miettinyt sekä tatuoinnin ottamista että lähtemistä osakkaaksi kiinnostavaan yritykseen. Tatskahommasta kun ei koskaan tiedä miten naurettavalta se näyttää "isona", joten päätin sijoittaa siihen firmaan.


miércoles, 13 de marzo de 2013

Back to the 50's

 //Skirt: H&M //Top: Zara //Heels: Emilio Pucci //Hat: Birgitte //Sunnies: Céline

Some two summers ago I was on a business trip in Turku, Western Finland, and snapped this cute little midi-length skirt from H&M sale for 5 euros.

I kinda fell in love that summer with the Dolce&Gabbana collection that had chili-printed bottoms and similar corset tops. So, as soon as I got back to Mexico I made little less picosa combo of my own, topping that Mad Men style secretary skirt with an ancient Zara short waist corset top.

With a huuuge sun hat and the lovely Céline large Audreys it makes a nice Capri-vibe, doesn't it?