miércoles, 30 de enero de 2013

Multitaskers Uniform

//Skirt: Missoni (f.Lindex) //Tee-Shirt: James Perse //Heels: Dolce&Gabbana

There are days like today, when I kiss my puppy goodbye at 6AM, hail a cab to start the day with 100 and 1 business meetings, pop by an open house, have an intensive lunch date with Outlook, meet a friend for a business plan, hug my man in the traffic lights while changing cabs and finally get home a minute before the night falls.

For days like these there is nothing like a bright patterned Missoni skirt, still an appropriate business wear length, and a pair of black stiletto pumps.
 Add a blazer and brief case and *poof* you're ready to meet even the president himself. 
Leave the blazer at your desk, find smaller clutch from the case and *poof* you're chic city bird ready to tattle with gals for a coffee.

martes, 29 de enero de 2013

Street-Proof Booties

//Blouse & Skirt: Zara //Knee Socks: Oysho //Booties: Giuseppe Zanotti //Bag: Miu Miu

Today it felt like spring could actually come some day.
I've been longing to dress in a skirt after these loooong jeans filled months.

I love the leggy effect of my sky-high Zanotti's, and have thanked my lucky stars the day I found them 60% off in Paris...
They are one of the comfiest shoes I own. I mean, if one can read fashion magazines while walking in Mexico City's bumpy "side-walks" (yeah, they are a joke hereabouts) and not fall, there you have it!

jueves, 24 de enero de 2013

Cherry Blossom Girl

//Blouse& Pants: Zara //Necklace: Melba // Bracelet: Massimo Dutti //Heels: Christian Louboutin

With this pinky-flowery-lah-di-dah-cutsie-pie -outfit topped with my most feminine Loubis, I am personally on strike against winter.
I need cherry blossoms blooming, and not only on my blouse.
Oye spring, venga!

martes, 22 de enero de 2013

Fun, Fun, Fun!

//Dress: Zara //Heels: Manolo Blahnik //Necklace: LOB

Last bits of 2012 were an everlasting party season.
During that frivolous period there was also my birthday celebration, and as per many years of experience (yes, I am a dinosaur), this was one of the best!

I had a life-saving surprise from my hairdresser and make-up artist of getting me done when noticed I was running late from my own party (ehem...). Isn't it a true Cinderella moment every time one gets the pleasure of sitting down fresh faced and letting someone else to do the magic of converting their old hussy self to the queen of the night?!

Still, the ultimate best part of that night was having my people there. It is not the prettiest of the shoes or bubbliest of the champagne that makes a party. It's having the loveliest guests there with you.

lunes, 21 de enero de 2013

Con Crema

//Blazer: Weekday //Tee: Zoe Karssen //Jeans: Zara //Boots: Giuseppe Zanotti

I had fallen for Zoe Karssen's Crème de la Crème -series already some time ago.
The tricky thing was that they were nowhere in sight here in Mexico.

I had high hopes to find my own piece when in Finland, but again, Fashion Gods were not on my side...until the day before I left I got the absolutely last piece from a local web shop.

I think it goes smoothly together with a leather detailed blazer that called my name at Weekday's.

sábado, 19 de enero de 2013

I heart Gianfranco Reni

//All pieces: Gianfranco Reni

Just before Christmas, a Fashion Santa gave me an amazing opportunity to visit the showroom of my latest designer crush, maestro Gianfranco Reni, with super talented stylist Gio Valero and one of the best Mexican fashion photographers, Juan Pablo Espinosa.

 The showroom is in the beautiful building of Edificio Vizacaya, also known as a "piece of Paris" of the Distrito Federal, and if the building is a beauty, there is nothing less to say about Gianfrancos's pieces. 
I love them so, that I could easily steal them all to my closet. (Lock your doors, or...)

As I love first hand everything from Italian and British fashion houses, it is quite natural to fall in love with Gianfranco's collections. There is definitely something Alexander McQueen-ish in his signature style and textures, with a little baroquean twist. Or what do you think?

I had also the honor of being photographed by Juan Pablo in some of my favorite pieces. It probably comes not off as a surprise, that it was impossible to leave them to the showroom afterwards... 
Well, it was a New Year dress problem easily solved!

Visit Gianfranco Reni: www.gianfrancoreni.com.mx

Photo credits for 1,2,7: Juan Pablo Espinosa

viernes, 18 de enero de 2013

Breath of Fresh Air

 //Fur Jacket: vintage //Belt: Zara //Jeans: Cheap Monday //Biker Boots: Giuseppe Zanotti  //Bag: Balenciaga //Gloves: H&M

Man, I had forgot how tricky it is to dress up (and shop!) when it is -10C!

This outfit was shot in Stockholm, Sweden where we popped for a visit one weekend after NYE with my man.
(He wanted Swedish meatballs and me some YSL from Nathalie Schuterman)

 Luckily, I had managed to spot and re-do this amazing little 1960's vintage fur jacket number from a 2nd hand shop in DF just before leaving Mexico for Friolandia, sorry, Scandinavia.
I love it! 
It looks amazing, feels amazing and keeps your butt warm even when its raining frozen cats and dogs.
My conscience does not let me buy any fur new. I just can't. Luckily, as this shows, for many things in fashion vintage is much more fun!

jueves, 17 de enero de 2013

De Vuelta

Pajamas from a street booth somewhere near Bryant Park, Heels: Christian Louboutin

Along with the first spring-y sun rays... comes a blogger. A very ashamed one.

Between work, about bazillion projects and crazy traveling back and forth to Mexico and States, South America, Europe and finally my beloved origins in  Scandinavia there was very little time to keep up with this blog as I would have wanted. Sorry 'bout that, really.

But now, your güerita favorita is back. At you service.

So much inspiration from my travels, so many outfits to show you and soooo-ooo many projects to reveal and to work on.
As you can see, I've started already. Here breaking in my Pigalles in pajamas.