lunes, 26 de noviembre de 2012

Man Candy

//Outfit: Zara

Last weekend I had the pleasure to meet some cool and chic boys. 
As Mondays are never too fun days, I thought it would be nice to cheer this one up by sharing some of that eye candy.

Gio Valero is extremely talented Mexican stylist and a soul mate for a globe trotter like Yours Truly. Few days ago when working together with him, I couldn't resist shooting his casual but cool outfit.

Gracias guapo!

domingo, 25 de noviembre de 2012

Missoni Morning

//Dress: Missoni for L //Boots: Stella McCartney //Belt: Zara //Necklace: LOB

It has to be fashion or horse related to drag me up at 6:30 AM on a Saturday morning.
(This time it was the latter, but let's go back to that a bit later.)

Luckily mom had made these cold late November mornings a little more human by sending few colorful pieces from Missoni's Lindex collection (only sold in Scandinavia.)

Don't you think this dress is just fabulous!
Even if I wasn't first sure about it's under-the-knee length, the more I'm wearing it the more I'm liking it...
A true life saver for mornings without coffee.

Photos by: Gio Valero Brinson

viernes, 23 de noviembre de 2012

Book Club

 From the top: The Fashion Coloring Book by Carol+Lulu (Metropolitan Museum of Art), Steal her Style by Sarah Kennedy (Urban Outfitters)

I wasn't only scanning through sample sales and munching Magnolia bakery goodies in NYC.
(There was also major Vinho Verde sipping.)

And, I got me-self some of that culture, too!
Marcella was cracking up when she saw me flipping through the coloring book in Met:
"Ay cómpratelo! Ya me imagino como te juntas con los otros niños en el avion de regreso con tus Faber-Castells"

So I bought it.

Sarah Kennedy's little style steal guide got to get home with me too. You can't blame me, I just had to get it as I thought I saw they had a style guide to "Euro Trash". Amazing!

So I bought it.
(Though after a little closer look at home, it turned out to be "Euro Chic"...)

miércoles, 21 de noviembre de 2012

Black Cashmere

 //Cashmere Cardigan: Minnie Rose //T-shirt: James Perse //Jeans: Zara //Boots: H&M //Sunglasses: Cèline

God only knows how much I love Céline sunnies.
And black cashmere.
And New York sample sales, they make all things possible.

lunes, 19 de noviembre de 2012

Crispy Days

 // Coat: Vangy //Boots: Giuseppe Zanotti //Jeans: Zara //Bag: Balenciaga //Scarf: Zara

Yep, I scooted off again, to the best city, with the best company.
Sort of dull missing Mexican Fashion Week, but then again...
There's no way skipping autumn in NYC.

Man it was freezing this time! 
Had to rummage through my closet for winter gear, and finally this midnight blue coat popped up. 
We did quite well together, with a little help of my dear dear Zanottis.

sábado, 10 de noviembre de 2012

Mexican Style: Compra Moda Nacional

 Gianfranco Reni

I personally do not read too much so called "event" blogs for style inspiration. 
Not that I don't think these events and event-goers are great (I used to do PR for living for years in past life), but fashion-wise I really do not get anything out of bazillion photos of cupcakes. 

 Julia Y Renata

Having said that, I'm going to be very hypocrite and explode a photo bomb from an event I attended last Thursday with my best gal Cella.

 You'll see my beautiful and stylish co-güerita Marcella here more in the future!

 //Dress: Medular by Julia Y Renata //Belt: Paola Perez //Boots: Stella McCartney //Bag: Chanel

 Out of respect of the theme of the event and it's organizer, Compra Moda Nacional (Shop National Fashion, an organization with a mission to promote and bring consumers closer to Mexican Fashion), rest of this post will be in Spanish.

There you go! Print on print, zipper back blazers and very floral colors (and six-packs and teeny-weeny shorts) in mens line LOVE IS BACK by Francisco Arce.
// El jueves pasado yo y mi querida Cella disfrutamos el Trade Show y Desfiles de Compra Moda Nacional en la colonia Roma.
 Spring it on! Flow-y materials, bright cocktail-like colors were amazing in Alana Savoir's Spring/Summer´13 collection. Apparently the front short/back long -cut is still on next summer, which is quite OK. Just some of the floral prints could have been left to Ibiza already...
Personalmente soy apasionada admiradora y defensora de moda local, no importa donde estoy.
 Fuertemente generalizando, México me parece todavia a un país donde moda y diseño local esta lejitos del deseo y alcance de las grandes masas de consumidores.
 Gianfranco Reni took us to the East. I loved them all! Long, pleated harem pants! Statement belts! Statement necklaces! Hell, even statement aprons (on top of a red silk dress, like of those ancient Chinese soldiers)!

El universo de moda siempre estará lleno de tanto shit como hit (nacional o internacional) pero honestamente, la mayoria somos demasiado PPC (perezosos, pobres y conservadores) para buscar información de los diseñadores locales. Mucho trabajo para ver si quiza tienen algo interesante. Necesitamos que alguien nos sirva o nos vamos a Zara.

 Julia y Renata. I was expencting so much from this brand. Maybe bit too much this time. Loved the cuts and the long-skirt-and-a-peachy-top -combo, but cannot say I enjoyed the mustard color or the awkward Lance Armstrong shorts + blue under the knee mesh sock thing.

Por cual me parece extremadamente refrescante ver movimientos como Compra Moda Nacional en México.  

"CMN es una plataforma de reunir a los diseñadores mexicanos más importantes y a
los nuevos talentos en un solo lugar, para comercializarlos en línea y llegar así a los closets de los
mexicanos y de todo el mundo."

Más informacion:

Copyright for all the photos: AL/La Güerita

miércoles, 7 de noviembre de 2012

Circus Director

//Jacket: Tibi //Boots: Stella McCartney //Dress: tailored //Sunnies: Ray Ban

Judging by my recent absence from blogosphere and today's outfit, I've run away and joined the circus.

I totally fell in love with Tibi's gold-chipped circus director jacket last year when scanning their shop in NY and couldn't believe my luck when found it on sale in Mexico. The best thing is that it is actually 2 in 1 as you can zipper off the tail and just wear the top, too.

 Looks amazing on a longer hip black dress!

jueves, 1 de noviembre de 2012

Red Red Wine

//Jeans: Mango //Blouse: Zara //Heels: BCBGMaxAzria //Envelope Clutch: Pieces

One doesn't have to be a rocket scientist to realize that burgundy is the color of the season.
But oh, how I like the combination of burgundy, pink and brown leopard print!
Now, bring on the red wine!
 In an outfit like this, even a chronic wine-spiller like yours truly, will survive...