sábado, 19 de enero de 2013

I heart Gianfranco Reni

//All pieces: Gianfranco Reni

Just before Christmas, a Fashion Santa gave me an amazing opportunity to visit the showroom of my latest designer crush, maestro Gianfranco Reni, with super talented stylist Gio Valero and one of the best Mexican fashion photographers, Juan Pablo Espinosa.

 The showroom is in the beautiful building of Edificio Vizacaya, also known as a "piece of Paris" of the Distrito Federal, and if the building is a beauty, there is nothing less to say about Gianfrancos's pieces. 
I love them so, that I could easily steal them all to my closet. (Lock your doors, or...)

As I love first hand everything from Italian and British fashion houses, it is quite natural to fall in love with Gianfranco's collections. There is definitely something Alexander McQueen-ish in his signature style and textures, with a little baroquean twist. Or what do you think?

I had also the honor of being photographed by Juan Pablo in some of my favorite pieces. It probably comes not off as a surprise, that it was impossible to leave them to the showroom afterwards... 
Well, it was a New Year dress problem easily solved!

Visit Gianfranco Reni: www.gianfrancoreni.com.mx

Photo credits for 1,2,7: Juan Pablo Espinosa

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