viernes, 18 de enero de 2013

Breath of Fresh Air

 //Fur Jacket: vintage //Belt: Zara //Jeans: Cheap Monday //Biker Boots: Giuseppe Zanotti  //Bag: Balenciaga //Gloves: H&M

Man, I had forgot how tricky it is to dress up (and shop!) when it is -10C!

This outfit was shot in Stockholm, Sweden where we popped for a visit one weekend after NYE with my man.
(He wanted Swedish meatballs and me some YSL from Nathalie Schuterman)

 Luckily, I had managed to spot and re-do this amazing little 1960's vintage fur jacket number from a 2nd hand shop in DF just before leaving Mexico for Friolandia, sorry, Scandinavia.
I love it! 
It looks amazing, feels amazing and keeps your butt warm even when its raining frozen cats and dogs.
My conscience does not let me buy any fur new. I just can't. Luckily, as this shows, for many things in fashion vintage is much more fun!

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  1. Wow, I like your look. Very nice and elegant.What year are your leather gloves from H & M. They are beautiful and fit well to you.

    1. Hi Alexandro! Thank you for passing by and leaving such a nice comment! I bought the leather gloves just before Christmas in H&M México store in Santa Fe, I'd guess they still could have them available... Beso X