domingo, 15 de julio de 2012

The One where Work Turned into Wine

// Jacket: Zara // Jeans: H&M // Sunglasses: Versace

I always thought the scariest thing a wine can give you is hangover. Today I reached another level when the Devil itself materialized in Chilean Concha y Toro Wine cellar. As this happened after 2 merry hours of wine tasting session (South American winter is tough - one needs lots of liquid warming!), I take it as a sign to invest in Winery's famous Casillero del Diablo, just to play it safe.

// Yo siempre pensaba que lo peor que el vino me puede causar es la cruda. Hoy la visita a la viña Chilena Concha y Toro me llevo al otro nivel; en la ultima bodega nos saludó el Diablo. Como este reencuentro pasó después de un alegre tasting de 2 horas, lo tomé como un señal de invertir en el famoso Casillero del Diablo. Uno nunca sabe.

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  1. Hola!, muchas gracias por tu comment en mi blog!...even though I have pretty much left aside the street style photography, is still something I really enjoy, and most of people think that mexican people is not very fashion, but im trying to prove them wrong!. Anyway, are you coming back to Mexico after your southamerican trip?. BTW I recommend you some mexican bloggers you would really like because they have great style: and , surely you will enjoy them! ;)

  2. Hi there! Gracias por pasar dejar un comentario! I think that among the 112 million Mexicans it's impossible NOT to find fashionable ones... I mean, anything her you have anything from fake diamond adorned butt pad jeans gals to preppy MK Michael Kors uniformed fresitas to too cool to be school hipsters de condesa, jajajaj! Quiza a la primera vista la variedad de estilos en un dia cualquiera en las calles no es tan ancha que en Europa por ejemplo, pero no tiene que decir que no hay fashion :) Thanks for the links linda, I'll be sure to take a look of those! And yes, im back in rainy DF again...