viernes, 31 de mayo de 2013

Pool Party

It was a party with a pool.

Mysterious Don Papawah and me sipping cider, that glorious drink I've been missing and that has now finally arrived to Mexiland.  See how Don Don is dressed very accordingly; Alexander McQueen scarf, sponsored Heineken Panama hat, pimp shades and a huge Cuban. Muah!


I have to admit I don't clearly remember what was the football stuff in this party. Maybe a final of something in Germany. As you might guess, I arrived "accidentally" right after the game... Huge fan!

A crazy person wearing a dress by MEDULAR by Julia y Renata, wedges by Macarena Gutierrez, scarf by Alexander McQueen and a ring by YSL

I truly have no idea what the heck is happening here. Maybe a wedding with a towel veil?

Snappers all over the place.

After the pool and the party we had some champagne over our place during a change of dress. Here me with my fashion soul mate.

Party continued.
I have been asked to post something about Mexico life, too. Here a little glimpse how is the fiesta hereabouts.

//Sama suomeksi
Jalkapallokatsomo latinalaisamerikkalaisittain. Ja juhlat, niitähän ei voi täällä välttää vastaavien joukkoajojen yhteydessä. 

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