miércoles, 20 de febrero de 2013


//Maxi dress: Locura //Heels: Vivienne Westwood f. Melisa //Sunglasses: Céline 
//Necklaces: Mexican Handcraft from Chihuahua

Last summer I wanted so badly to finally find a maxi dress that would be:
a) made of natural fabric, like cotton, to avoid nasty sweat marks by "It's cooking under the polyester tent" -effect
b) neutral color so I could wear it in the city without looking like I'd missed my plane to Cancún
c) nicely fitted: neither a granny cape nor titty show peep.

One day when heading to supermarket I happened to pass by a local "Fiorella" (Finns know what I mean) aka. trashy fashion store that sells whatever naco was IN circa millenium.
 And there it was, my dress! Soft cotton, sophisticated stripes and like tailored to my body!
Never say never...

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