viernes, 23 de noviembre de 2012

Book Club

 From the top: The Fashion Coloring Book by Carol+Lulu (Metropolitan Museum of Art), Steal her Style by Sarah Kennedy (Urban Outfitters)

I wasn't only scanning through sample sales and munching Magnolia bakery goodies in NYC.
(There was also major Vinho Verde sipping.)

And, I got me-self some of that culture, too!
Marcella was cracking up when she saw me flipping through the coloring book in Met:
"Ay cómpratelo! Ya me imagino como te juntas con los otros niños en el avion de regreso con tus Faber-Castells"

So I bought it.

Sarah Kennedy's little style steal guide got to get home with me too. You can't blame me, I just had to get it as I thought I saw they had a style guide to "Euro Trash". Amazing!

So I bought it.
(Though after a little closer look at home, it turned out to be "Euro Chic"...)

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  1. I just bought that coloring book too!! It's great! :D

    1. Isn't it!!

      Last week i had somewhat long wait at my dentists, and instantly cursed that I didn't bring my coloring book when saw they had a table with coloring pens at the reception.... It could have been like in "iltapäiväkerho" all over again, only chic'er ;D